Photo of the day: Gazing at the White Tower

Last week we visited beautiful Thessaloniki thanks to Thessaloniki International Film Festival.
We had plenty of time between the screenings so we could explore this amazingly vibrant and youthful city and stroll around the streets, taste the food and experience the north greek vibe. The weather was awesome (no rain! a total #win) so everybody was enjoying the sun staying all day out. They say time passes really slow in Thessloniki, because of the rythm of the life, it is slower. I say time flies in Thessaloniki, because I had such a great time I did not realize how it passed.
Here is my favourite photo in my favourite place at the newly restored pier of Thessaloniki having a great view of the symbol of the city, White Tower.


Photo of the day: Screwing around Bike Festival

We love bikes. The truth is that our city is not suitable for cycling, no matter how hard the Athensians try. Steep roads, asphalt potholes, careless and rude car and bus drivers, non existent bike lanes and the traffic frenzines, makes cycling in Athens a risky business. 
However, bikers are increasing, bike clubs are having more and more members and although we are not a flat city we do cycle! And it is fun! I see cyclists every single day conquering the streets of Athens and this makes me really happy and optimistic for a car-free future :)
Bike Festival is an annual celebration introducing us to the bike culture that takes place every September in Technopolis. During the 3-day celebration there are many happenings, events, contests and kiosks with sponsors and sellers of various bike stuff.
For more info: http://www.bikefestival.gr/
In that picture we are happily flying over Technopolis on a BMX thanks to Lucozade.

Bike wish list:


Photo of the day: Memories from Coronado Island

Now, that summer is gone and winter is coming there is one place I am dreaming of: Coronado island. The most exotic, fabulous, peaceful and wonderful pacific coastal place I visited last April. 
I will keep this picture in my mind and wait till the sun comes out again..

Summer memories


Missing summer...

Now that in this part of the world (yes, even in Greece) the summer is gone we begin whining about the cold and the rain and the grey skies. In such an atmosphere, a friend asked me: What is it about summer that makes you love it so much?
Well... how could I possibly give only one answer?

"Summer is about not caring about a thing"

"Summer is about salty bedsheets"

"Summer is about roadtrips"

"Summer is about quality time with friends"

"Summer is about falling in love"

"Summer is about living your dreams"

"Summer is about wearing your suimsuit all day long"

"Summer is about being happy all the time without an obvious reason"

...because summer is the best time of the year!!!

Maybe it's time to move towards the other half of the globe, where summer is coming..

See you soon, summer!


Crossing Vistula: a not so colorful Warsaw

When travelling I love discovering the places where locals hang out and see how the real life looks like. Well, when you are a tourist it is difficult to really feel what is like to live in the city you visit but at least you can have a very brief idea. So I walk a lot, I get lost in the streets and after the touristy things I try to find the local things. I mean, if you come to Athens you definitely have to see the Acropolis, but what about a beer or a meal to a non touristic place? It is much more traditional, much more original and much cheaper! When you don't know a local person it is not easy. But it is not impossible -with the precious help of the world wide web.
So this time, after visiting the stunning old square, we decided to cross the river. And see the other side of Warsaw: the real one. 
Accross the river, there is Praga suburb with big grey communist-like residencies, wide streets and huge buildings. Once you cross Vistula, the area is not very nice.  And feels estranged. But it is original. And very artistic. 

After a quick research (Internet I love you!), we found an interesting and artistic place to visit in Praga neighborhood: Soho Factory
Soho Factory is a completely different experience in Warsaw. It is an avant-garde industrial space for culture and business, consisting of various galleries and design stores, restaurants and cafes but in a very New York style. I would really suggest this multispace if you have enough time. Just keep in mind that the two restaurants are quite nice but expensive too (I don't really know how polish people can afford it)
There was also a Neon museum that must have been very interesting, having communist neon signs but unfortunatelry we arrived late so it was closed. 
Important information: plan your visit early since after 17:00 most of the shops close.

Avant-garde or what?


Inside Cafe Kulturalna

Μέσα στο επιβλητικό κτίριο του Palace of Culture and Science, βρίσκεται ένα σοβιετικού τύπου καφέ που αξίζει μία επίσκεψη.
Η διακόσμηση έχει παραμείνει η ίδια: ανεμιστήρες κοσμούν το ταβάνι και λιτή διακόσμηση στους τοίχους. Η παντελής έλλειψη πολυτέλειας ή μοντερνισμού (πώς θα μπορούσε άλλωστε) ξυπνάει μνήμες, που τώρα μπορεί μας φαίνεται σαν ένα μουσειακό κατάλοιπο αλλά είναι ανατριχιαστικό για το πόσο κοντινά στο παρελθόν μιλάμε.
Αξίζει μία επίσκεψη. Ανοίγει από τις 12 το μεσημέρι ενώ τα Σαββατοκύριακα φιλοξενεί πολλά μουσικά events.


Decorated with vinyl armchairs, postcommunist posters and 50s chandeliers this postcommunist cafe is found inside the Palace of Culture and Science. It is a magnet for the student intelligentsia and its worth a visit while in Warsaw. 
It opens from noon and on weekends it hosts various cultural and music events.

Kultur Trαvεllεr: 


Photo of the day: Warsaw from the 30th floor

Warsaw is an underestimated city. Some call it beautiful, some are completely indifferent about it, others think it is ugly. I say that you can find beauty everywhere, even in the grey and most populated and overbuilt cities.

I would suggest entering the Palace of Culture and Science and getting up to the 30rd floor for a panoramic view of the polish capital. Warsaw is beautiful from there. You can admire the big skyscrappers, the hotels, the Stadium, you can even locate the old town.

This building is the city's defining landmark and has an interesting history. It was comissioned by Stalin as "a gift from the Soviet people" and took its architectural inspiration by the capitalist world, by NY Empire State Building! Its construction begun on 1952 after WWII and took only 3 years to complete! It is 231 metres high and admitedly very impressing.